Welcome to 158.nu!

This site is dedicated to my photo-projects that mainly involve film photography of different kinds. Hopefully I will be able to update regularly.


I enjoy photography since a few years back. I started out with a digital Nikon D3000 that I bought new, mainly to photograph abandoned buildings with a few friends. After that, the hobby stuck, and I got a used D90.

In 2014 I bought a Nikon FM, which was my introduction to the wonderful world of film photography. Since then, I've mostly been shooting film.


These are my current cameras.


Here you'll find some photo albums I've compiled.


If you wish to reach me, it's possible to do so via e-mail. The address is:

News and updates

In this section I will try to publish small updates regarding the site and progress.


More updates! This time to the Imitation album. This is a collection of images accumulated during the last few years in different places. The radio museum in Gothenburg. Motor och Nostalgimuséet in Grängesberg. Around the northern city in Örebro. A few from Askersund.

Check the update out here


It has been a bit more than a year since my last update, so I thought I would add some stuff from my backlog. This update is related to The perception of doors and it contains a mixed bag of images from both last summers travels and some interesting stuff from 2020 and 2022. Most of these were taken with my trusty Nikon FM, paired with either my 50mm f1.8 Nikkor, or a 24-120mm f3.5-5.6 Nikkor. Check out the update.

In other news, my motivation has been very limited this past year. I have photographed very little during the fall and winter this year. But now, when spring is just around the corner, I have felt the inspiration return. I have also gotten hold of some new, exciting optics to experiment with. Let's hope for a nice spring and summer this year!

I am also sad to report that my Nikon D90 seems to have finally kicked the bucket. The shutter jammed on a short walk in the woods, and does not seem to want to cooperate any more. I will check if it is possible to get it repaired for a sensible sum, but from what I've read I am not assured it will be feasible. Since that has left me without a working DSLR, I have recently acquired a used Nikon D800. Not that I use DSLR's that much any more, but I have found the inspiration to do more digital photography again with it. Right now it's unlikely that you'll see any pictures from it here though, but who knows what the future holds?

I have also procured a Nikon F50 from a acquaintance. He had no use for it and gave me a good price. I have been using it lightly during the winter and it works well. If I can get over the battery-powered automated advance and controls it comes with, I think it will be a nice camera to use for these small projects. Until next time!


I have been working on some images relating to the new album The perception of doors for the last few days. Most of the roll was taken during the same afternoon, as can probably be seen in the tone and general mood of them. I used my last roll of Fomapan 200 shot at box speed, and I printed it on some Foma multi-grade paper. Unfortunately the negatives turned out very thin, but I was able to compensate that somewhat in printing using some multi-grade-filters. The doors should be very recognizable to anyone who has visited my home-town for any extended period of time. I hope you enjoy this update.


Finally an update, and a new album! Meet The perception of doors! The name is obviously a play on the famous author Aldous Huxley's classic. A dumb little project that I've had in mind for a while now, but not made anything of. Until now. You'll realize that most of the pictures in this album is from several years ago. Regardless, I like them, and have hand-picked them for this new album and project. Hopefully I will be able to return more frequently with updates going forward...


Yet another update to the imitation-album! I've been visiting Karlskoga and Nora recently, and took a few pictures of dummies along the way. I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out. They are a bit dirty though. I did scans from prints this time around, and it worked out pretty well. The images are here.

As you can probably tell, I've also changed the structure of the albums to make it easier to see when pictures were added, instead of keeping them in a giant messy bundle like before. I think this works out better over all.


A small update yet again, this time to the imitation-album. It's two scanned prints taken through the window of a nearby pawn-shop/thrift-store. In the window, I spotted a few mannequins, and I snapped these pictures.

The first one is basically only a hand, reaching for the window, which was excessively dirty at the time. I guess the idea was to model the bracelets that was attached to it. It invoked a strange uneasiness in me. 2022-06-15-0004.

The second is of a semi-nude torso that stared out the window. I was surprised by the grotesque detail with which it was created; the outlines of a ribcage can clearly by seen. The breasts were also excessively elaborate. Considering that it is most likely supposed to be covered in clothes most of the time, this seemed a bit unnecessary and uncalled for. On it's head were a pair of sunglasses and something resembling a calotte. 2022-06-15-0002.


Long time, no update. Finally got around to do some prints and scan them for the 158-project. These new shots has been added to the 158-album. I had some fun doing these and thinking up ways to write the sacred number. Some inspiration came from the intro to the movie "Napoleon Dynamite", even if it's a bit less elaborate than that.

I used my last roll of TMax 100 for these, and printed it on some matte Foma-paper. It's more fun doing the prints and scanning them than scanning the negatives directly I think. I'll keep doing it for a while. That way I can hang up the results on the walls in the darkroom too, instead of just keeping them on my hard-drive and here.


Happy new year! Updates here are going slower than expected. That is to be expected I guess, but I have not been completely out of the darkroom. I visited a friend in Gothenburg during December, and we visited a few museums and I have at least two frames to add to the Imitation-project. So I am doing that now.


The Imitation-album has been updated with new images from this late summer. I've been busy in the dark-room the last few days and gone through some of the negatives I've produced during the summer and beginning of the fall. These particular photos were taken on an early Saturday morning in September, and the light was pretty poor as a result.

I used TMax 100 this time, and I have come to like it more and more the last few months. Developed in TMax Dev and taken with my old 50mm, I think most of them turned out pretty well, perhaps a little dirty. I have to consider if this process of developing, enlarging and then scanning is really the right way to go about this. I might have to do some tests with scanning negatives again to minimize the amount of dirt that gets through.


I've added a new album; Imitation. This project concentrates on mannequins, and I hope that it will be interesting. I've always found them mildly threatening and creepy.

I've also gotten a new lens, but I've yet to appreciate it's potential. It's a zoom, and it's a lot softer than my sharp 50mm that I've loved for so many years. But it makes it possible to shoot landscapes and city-scapes in a more convenient way, and probably that is what I'm going to use it for.


The heat has really hit us up here in the North! Many warm days by the lake or out and about. Not as many days down in the lab, sadly. Despite that, I've taken the time to compile some more images for publication. An additional image has been added to the 158-album.

I've also published a new album called "Örebrobilder". Some pictures from "Västerbilder" might have been better placed in the new one. Oh well.

Got some new optics and supplies these last few weeks and it's starting to come together. Excited to see what I can get out of the new glass!

I also have some ideas for a new project, so stay tuned for that.


Work continues in the lab. I've been out photographing some during the spring, and I'm adding some of the results to the album "Västerbilder". I will buy new chemicals and material this month and continue working on cataloging my old work.


I've been working on and off during the last month, and have found some new energy to shoot. I guess it comes with the spring-weather. Added some pictures to "Project 158", a simple collection of images obsessing with the number 158. These are scanned from prints. I will probably continue using this technique going forward.


The latest news. The darkroom has come along nicely. I have everything I need in place, and also gotten some things related to 6x6, which makes it possible for me to print 6x6 as well as 35mm. This is very exciting.